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Via Disc NP

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What is Via Disc NP?

VIA Disc NP is a non-surgical off-the-shelf, processed human nucleus pulposus (NP) allograft intended to supplement
degenerated intervertebral discs (IVDs).
Via Disc NP

Age-related wear and tear of the IVD can cause loss of hydration
and degeneration.
Via Disc NP

VIA Disc NP is delivered into the degenerated IVD through a 20G spinal needle.
Via Disc NP

After delivery, VIA Disc NP supports the cushioning function of the IVD and supplements tissue loss in the degenerated IVD.

What can you expect during the procedure?

The VIA Disc NP procedure is performed under strict sterile conditions. The VIA Disc NP procedure can be performed under local anesthesia or moderate sedation may be recommended by your physician.

A procedure involving your pain generating intervertebral disc can be painful.During the procedure, your physician will use fluoroscopy (a computer tomography scan that continues to take images during the procedure so that the physician can see where the needle is going).

Your physician will insert a needle through the skin and muscle into the center of the intervertebral disc. VIA Disc NP will slowly be delivered into the center of the intervertebral disc.

What is Disc Degeneration? 

Degenerated discs are characterized by decreased disc height, loss of water content and loss of nutrient content.
These functional biomechanical alterations present as cracks and fissures within your disc. Altogether, the structural changes in the degenerated disc strain the nerves, put focal pressure on the spine, and ultimately cause pain.